Systemic Life Regeneration
Localized Regeneration
Super Auto Vaccine
Super Auto Test
Super Auto Supplement
Individual Universal Immunotherapy
SLR (Systemic Life Regeneration), ALR (Accelerated Localized Regeneration), SAV (Super Auto Vaccine), SAT (Super Auto Test), SAS (Super Auto Supplementation), IUI (Individual Universal Immunotherapy), (etc) accelerate a natural, tested, efficient, proven process by reducing space/time and increasing other variables trial-and-error strategies, achieving results that would take hundreds, thousands or millions of years to achieve, via current, traditional neoclassic, passive science or natural evolution.

Active Science accelerates/changes nature. Application requires multiple, ex/in-vivo, simultaneous processes to make what is achievable theoretically/empirically (lab controlled experiment) in 50-100 thousands cells to be efficient at real world Human bodies of 50-100 trillion cells.

Dilemma of stimulating healthy versus dysfunctional cell growth (division/repair hormones/enzymes as DNA telomere extension telomerase or DNA repair Sirtuin proteins) or destruction in-vivo can be solved by initial processing/supplementing blood/lymph, stromal connective/function-reform cells, antigens/antibodies and immune cells ex-vivo.
Cellular Regeneration
Regenerate 95-85-75-65-55-45-35
Super Auto Vaccine/Test/Supplement
Global Medical System
Systemic Permanent Life Protocol supports/regenerates Systemic Life, cells with natural integration and regeneration systems, to Regenerate by Replicating-Repairing-Reforming-Replacing-Revoking cells, in-vivo and/or ex-vivo, with Skin/Nasal/Sub-lingual (patch/spray/pill) nano-micro-supplementation, than Blood-Lymph-Marrow fluids micro-mini supplementation (vascular/inter-cellular catheters) and as last resort macro-mega tissue/organ supplementation (mini-macro surgery/3D bio-printing/scaffolding).

Replicate (divide) cells with hormones/enzymes/mRNAs; Repair (fix) genome/chromatin/telomere with DNA sirtuins, enzymes (telomerase) and epigenome with OSK factors, Oct/Sox/Klf-4; Reform (change cell function) with local cell exosome/cytokine signaling/changing connective stromal cells to functional cells; if not effective Revoke (neutralize/destroy) with antibodies and immune cells; Replace (substitute) with vascular cells from general marrow/blood Stromal connective cells. Biologic regeneration is natural/unlimited, aging is evolutionary/circumstantial and reversible genetically, epigenetically and at cellular in/ex-vivo body levels.

Systemic Life Regeneration-Rejuvenation Cell-Bank Supplementation.
In-Vivo/Body extraction, Ex-Vivo/Lab replication, In-Vivo/body supplementation.
Flash dry frozen trehalose cryo-preserved cells, water/electric/trehalase reactivation.
Remove/repair/replace senescent/dysfunctional cells before/during telomere increase.
IUI(Individual Universal Immunotherapy) and SAV/SAS(Super Auto Vaccine/Supplement).
Hormones/Enzymes/mRNA supplement to increase cell division(increase telomere),repair (mRNA epigenome restoration)and IUI/SAV/SAS destroying senescent/dysfunctional cells.
1)Blood(extract/replicate/supplement stromal/red/white cells).
2)Lymph(extract/replicate/supplement antibodies/immune cells).
3)Bone Marrow(extract/replicate/supplement stem cells).
4)Skin(extract/replicate/supplement collagen/epithelial cells).
5)Organs(extract/replicate/supplement specialized cells)
(macro-mini-micro intra-tube-vascular/inter-cellular catheters).
6)Hormone/Enzyme/mRNA supplement (+1.5% year from 25+cell supplements).
(compensate 1.5% year hormone decline from 25, varying with gender/height, compensate growth of dysfunctional cells with functional cells supplements and dysfunctional cell suppression with immune cell/antibodies supplements).

Rejuvenation-Regeneration from 25-95 requires maintaining natural hormone levels at around 1.5% a year (gender/height), fixing circumstantial-evolutionary genetic decline, with supplementation of white/stromal/stem cells, specially for those with genetic/environment cancer and/or immune/regeneration dysfunction.

Hormonal genetic decline shrinks human cell-count/tissues/organs/body, including lymph nodes, where specific adaptive immune cells are loaded/trained with pathogen antigens. Specially in the main lymph node, the THYMUS, where T-cells receive positive/negative training, testing, selection, based on their capacity to identify/attack pathogens and not attack same DNA Human cells. These lymph nodes/Thymus can be maintained, regenerated and/or complemented with Individual Universal Immunotherapy, where the in-body natural process is replicated/accelerated out-body/in-vitro/in-lab, so that tested antigen ready/loaded antibodies/immune cells bank can be reintroduced into same DNA donor Human.

All pathogens (virus, bacteria, cancer, fungus, toxins) can be eliminated and aging reversed with supplemented stromal/stem cells, hormones, enzymes, cytokines, mRNAs, vDNAs. This process is a NATURAL replication/maintenance of a declining tested process. Artificial strategies can only be deployed after the natural developed strategies are reinstated. Pseudo-patented treatments that copycat nature but add an artificial/unnecessary/inefficient step or just rename a natural process must be avoided (such as calling a mRNA exosome a nano-lipid particle), making unnecessary changes just to get a patent and use it to abuse monopoly power to price gouge consumers.

fixed (mRNA/vDNA),
reinforced (mRNA/vDNA)
protected (immune system),
destroyed (immune system),
replaced (stem/stromal cell),
divided (telomere extension),
stimulated (cytokine signaling),
nurtured (vascular glucose supplementation),
oxygenated (vascular oxygen supplementation).

SLR: Systemic Life Regeneration, Human Cells can be fixed (in-vivo mRNA/vDNA gene reprogramming to differentiated young cell:Oct4/Sox2/Klf4), replaced (ex-vivo mRNA/vDNA gene reprogramming to undifferentiated/differentiated stem/young cell, tissue, organ: Oct4/Sox2/Klf4 +cMyc for Stem ), destroyed (immune system), divided (DNA telomere extension with hormone/enzyme telomerase), stimulated (cytokine peptide outside cell signaling), nurtured/oxygenated (direct vascular glucose/oxygen and other nutrient supplementation to back healthy cell expansion) to maintain or progress Systemic, Cellular, Atomic, Genetic, Informatic Life levels in Permanent Life Paradigm and Protocol.

ALR: Accelerated Localized Regeneration, 3D bio in/ex-vivo, tumor/trauma/defect immune/structure, cells/cytokines/enzymes/nutrient/RNA/DNA, nano/micro/mini infusion, as via a micro catheter, has lower cost higher performance than traditional macro or micro surgery/chemo/radio interventions, macro being the worst in terms of invasive high risk higher costs lower performance, often directly and indirectly lethal, as infections, hemorrhage, thrombosis or cancer.

Access to cells to fix, replace, divide, stimulate and/or supplement:
1) Skin System micro-needles/catheters/cremes via inter-cellular space/pores.
2) Vascular System mini/micro-catheters via capillaries, arteries, veins, lymph vases.
3) Digestive System mini-micro catheters, solid/liquid nutrition.
4) Respiratory System mini-micro catheters, gases.

Skin is easiest to reach and regenerate cells and structural components.
Creams, patches, micro-needles, micro-catheters via intercellular space/pores can regenerate, fix, replace, divide, stimulate, supplement, improve to Super Skin.

3D Bio-Suit: scaffold, growing medium, for fibroblast/keratin/endothelial/immune cells and collagen. Cover defects/folds/wrinkles and/or supplement/fix internal skin/muscle cells/collagen. Supercells with genetic improvements, advantages, cyber add-on, graphene scaffold.

Micro-Needle-Suit: accelerated regeneration of current old skin introducing homogeneously/simultaneously in whole body, via micro-needles, new fibroblast/keratin/endothelial/immune cells and collagen.

Cell-Micro-Injection-Catheter: Muscle Satellite Stem Cells, Fibro/Adipogenic Progenitors (FAPs) Injection, deeper endothelial dermal cells can accelerate skin/muscle regeneration, combined with exercise, nutrition, protein/cytokine/hormone/enzyme/mRNA stimulus/growth factors.

SAV: Super Auto Vaccine, self-applied mail/retail distributed nasal spray, sub-lingual pill, arm patch, intramuscular arm auto spring injection, containing ex-vivo pathogen proteins/fragments antigens to stimulate immune supplementation, regeneration, antibodies (second line of defense). Complements first line of defense (congestion, inflammation, pain, fever) that should not be eliminated by anti-symptomatic drugs and third line of defense, as t-cells, macrophages, that eliminate contaminated/dysfunctional cells, that should not be stimulated by mRNA (messenger) vDNA (vector) in-vivo vaccines, that simulate benign cell contamination, generating unnecessary short-term stronger auto-immune response and subsequent disarming of immune response. High efficacy (in clinical trials, that should not use placebos) translated to high efficiency/effectiveness in real world if vaccination general, mandatory, simultaneous, starting at isolated epidemic hotspots. mRNA/vDNA vaccines did not show same efficacy to efficiency because of partial-vaccination.

IUI: Individual Universal Immunotherapy, accelerates ex-vivo immune regeneration, supplementation and efficiency. Reduces space-time/trial-error strategies compared to in-vivo slower response to pathogens and any aging dysfunctional cells, as senescent cells, that can be eliminated, stimulating healthy cells and/or fixed by in-vivo/ex-vivo supplementation (SAS), including mRNA to produce Human Proteins to fix/protect cells, instead of pathogen proteins as in current vaccines.

SAT: Super Auto Test, micro-fluid home-office testing, for proof of immunization/vaccination, no-substance abuse, no pathogen-disease testing, regeneration nutrition/supplementation level needs, Permanent Life Protocol and Medical Dividend payments as incentive to self-health cooperation instead of self-destruction semi-suicide, associated with perception of degrading quality of life with aging.

SAS: Super Auto Supplementation, Activating-Regenerating Genome-Epigenome-Proteome, Nutrition (ex-vivo digested nutrients), Hormones (inter-organ cellular chemical messenger trigger), Cytokine (inter/intra cellular chemical messenger/signaling), Enzyme (catalyst/rate of messaged reaction), mRNA (in-vivo final gene to protein production messenger), vDNA (vector direct message to DNA to then generate mRNA/protein), Protein (message execution product), Gene (genetic engineering and/or specific activated gene program to generate the protein). They can stimulate cell replication/division and/or fixing (cancer, senescent, dysfunctional cells), including back to hardware "factory default" or software "reboot", young cell with original gene activations for the particular cell/tissue/organ, as transcription factor proteins Oct4/Sox2/KLF4 back to young cell and plus C-myc back to stem cell.
Cell Bank Medculture
Skin-Electro-Sonic-Intercellular-Micro- Catheters

Skin nano-micro indirect access for dermal inter cellular capillary nutrition, supplementation, vaccination, testing.

Skin arm-band, facial-mask or body-suit to micro deliver nano/micro lipophilic, lipid-exosomes containing hydrophilic substances to penetrate the hydrophobic skin, enhanced by electro-sonic channel inter cellular opening current/wave.


Wrist mini direct access for intravascular nutrition, supplementation, vaccination, testing.

Wrist band mini delivery of micro-nano lipophilic/hydrophilic micro/nano antigens, antibodies, nutrients, supplements, cells to vascular circulation, instead of digestive or temporary macro/mini surgery.
External Cellular Regeneration System
(Supplement Internal SAV-SAS-SAT-SAN-SAE)
Hematopoietic Stem Cells
(red/white blood/lymph cells)
Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Epithelial Stem Cells
(skin/basal cells)
Neural Stem Cells
(brain/spinal cord)
Dental Stem Cells

Using reacting strips
to place micro-fluids,
as skin-blood/sweat, saliva, urine,
to be examined via a Microscope,
using cell phone microscopy
video camera attachment,
sending images for
Artificial Intelligence
computer analysis