Global Mobile Medical System
SuperSkin from solid application and/or liquid immersion for anti-aging/anti-trauma Human regeneration, analogic bio-cyber Neurobots, digital cyber Avatarbots, with graphene 2D/3D (sponge/scaffold), hydrogel, collagen, human dermal fibroblast cells, human epidermal keratinocyte cells, sweat glands/pours, hair follicles, sensory neurons and DNA modified/bio-chemical infusion SuperCells.

SuperSkin with bio ex-vivo/in-vivo regeneration/supplementation, genetic/bio-chemical infusion improvement super skin cell and/or external bio-chemical artificial full skin or internal skin cell supplementation.

SuperSkin/SuperCell with genetic reversing back to stem cell than forward to functional cell, back to younger cell preserving its function before converting to stem cell and/or extending DNA telomeres to continue mitosis division via hormones/enzymes/telomerase.

SuperSkin can be a higher-tech evolution of Exosuit looking like natural human skin. Protects the skin, eliminates aging, controls temperature and enhances circulation.

Reduces functional circulatory, temperature control and structural enhancement components of mini Exosuit into micro structures to make it as thin as possible.

Eliminates completely aging appearance, enhances skin esthetics, resistance to fire/cutting/smashing/UV and muscle/bone strength/action performance.

SuperSkin is a complete human body supplement skin suit that eliminates age appearance and provides beauty/strength appearance (esthetic function).

Allows temperature control (high/low temperature heat/cold exterior endurance and interior temperature cell protection), nutrition, electric, immune, hormonal, muscle and circulation supplementation (bio-structure function).

SuperSkin can be made of quantic and/or molecular porous Graphene (outer layer) and Hydrogel (inner layer), embedded with nano/micro electronics, artificial nerve electric wiring, artificial vase/capillary fluid channels, artificial muscle contraction fibers and micro-bone carbon fiber structure.

Micro/nanorobot probes can circulate freely or be guided inside SuperSkin and/or natural body, to function directly as a visual/sensorial immune system for defense/repair, and/or as a nano/micro visual/sensorial probe/catheter surgery system.

Electronic, Photonic, Gravitonic BioQuantic Connecter can connect biocells (neuronic, muscular, audiovisual etc), SuperCells (artificial bio-genetic-cyber multi enhanced cells), NanoRobots to SuperSkin and exterior multi-function hardware/software as Artificial Intelligence and Quantic Source.

Access to cells to fix, replace, divide, stimulate and/or supplement:
1) Skin System micro-needles/catheters/cremes via inter-cellular space/pores.
2) Vascular System mini/micro-catheters via capillaries, arteries, veins, lymph vases.
3) Digestive System mini-micro catheters, solid/liquid nutrition.
4) Respiratory System mini-micro catheters, gases.

Skin is easiest to reach and regenerate cells and structural components.
Creams, patches, micro-needles, micro-catheters via intercellular space/pores can regenerate, fix, replace, divide, stimulate, supplement, improve to Super Skin.

BCS: Bio/Cyber/BioCyber SuperSkin, for Humans (regeneration, protection and/or supplementation), Abots (Avatar cyber digital robot-vehicle), Nbots (Neuro bio-cyber analog doctor-robot-donor).

DBS: 3D-Bio-Suit: scaffold, growing medium, for fibroblast/keratin/endothelial/immune cells and collagen. Cover defects/folds/wrinkles and/or supplement/fix internal skin/muscle cells/collagen. Supercells with genetic improvements, advantages, cyber add-on, graphene scaffold.

MNS: Micro-Needle-Suit. accelerated regeneration of current old skin introducing homogeneously/simultaneously in whole body, via micro-needles, new fibroblast/keratin/endothelial/immune cells and collagen.

MIC: Micro-Injection-Catheter, Muscle Satellite Stem Cells, Fibro/Adipogenic Progenitors (FAPs) Injection, deeper endothelial dermal cells can accelerate skin/muscle regeneration, combined with exercise, nutrition, protein/cytokine/hormone/enzyme/mRNA stimulus/growth factors.
Micro Super Skin 3.0
Micro Lab 3.0
Life Regeneration