SuperHeart bio-cyber multi-heart system pumps blood or Superblood (ex-vivo mass produced blood components culture), in external supplementation as with Neurobot, Exosuit and/or Permanent Life Module platforms, or in internal supplementation, as Neurobot second organ set donation to supplement and regenerate natural heart.

Multi-heart system with larger upper/lower thorax hearts for upper/lower blood circulation and smaller supplementation hearts, head, left/right arms/legs, all with the possibility of receiving blood/Superblood oxygenation, nutrition, supplementation internally and/or externally.

All cells from segments of body, specially head/brain, can be protected by any temporary electric failure, vascular obstruction or heart failure and achieve higher performance as for physical resistance and regeneration. The current primitive abandonment of human body with +99,99% of living cells because of a heart dysfunction can be automatically avoided, even now current techniques, as manual/machine CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and heart-lung machines.

Organs/tissues regenerated by cell mitosis division, lower regeneration capacity with genetic hormonal decline, including telomerase decline leading to reduction of telomere DNA cap increasing cell dysfunction senescent/cancer cells, also decline in immune cells.They can receive general growth stimulation from hormones, enzymes, proteins as telomerase to increase DNA cap telomeres and avoid development of dysfunctional cells as senescent/cancer cells. But non-telomere dysfunction cancer as genetic/environmental/substance abuse cancer occurs, this supplementation can accelerate cancer cell growth as well, requiring immune supplementation to block it and healthy cell supplementation or regeneration to compete for nutrition and space with cancer cells.

Organs/tissues that are less/slow regenerative as Heart/Brain cells, because of their particular function, can also be induced to self-regeneration process to repair themselves using mRNA/microRNA (transcription factors/stem cell messenger exosomes to return the cells to a stem-cell-like state), contained in lipid membranes as they occur in nature inside micro lipid cell membranes. High risk/high cost organ transplant can generate rejection because of DNA difference detected by immune system or immune vulnerability if using anti-immunity agents. Introducing external tissue/cells/stem cells that may generate uneven masses/tumors/teratomas, tissue/organ growth dysfunction as left ventricular valve can happen with excessive, uncoordinated late general hormone decline supplementation.

VASOTRON, is a vascular cyber-photo-electric network, supplemental to bio neurological network, including electric-photonic e-lines/e-stencers (vascular catheter stretch cylinder), E-STEN, capable of receiving, transmitting signals to close neurons, interactions with cells, muscles (contracting), other tissues, organs. Vasotron E-stencer Scaffold can also repair neural network serving as scaffold for stem cell neurons that need electric activity to guide/stimulate repair, as for tetra or paraplegic with spinal cord injuries at neck or lower back levels. Vasotron E-stencer Pulser can work as mini-hearts pumping blood or as full pulsating vascular network. Vasotron can also guide mini/micro/nano bots and catheters to specific tissues/organs and control body temperature/oxygen consumption and protect cells.

AVATARBOT, SuperBody, is a digital cyber HAI, Human Artificial Intelligence Robot, with a BES, Body ExoSkeleton and attached Arms/Legs/Thorax/Head external carbon composite, cyber electric-photonic components, with 6 independent cyber heart-lung-neural systems capable of oxygenating, nurturing, immunizing, controlling temperature, supplementing their bio counter-parts and communicating directly with Brain vascular neural motor cortex sensors. Avatarbot operates self-remote-internal with/without Human inside, which is conscious or unconscious, with/without vascular/neural connection with heart/lung/brain. Avatarbot supports life while bio-body is rebuilt/regenerated. Analog bio-cyber Neurobot is a cyber digital Avatarbot with bio cells, tissues, organs developed in support of the DNA donor.

BLH, Brain-Lung-Heart-Head-Helmet, detached Avatarbot Head, connects at the jugular veins receiving deoxygenated blood, circulating the blood in helmet to receive incoming ambient air and/or stored oxygen, supplements and sending oxygenated blood back into carotid artery. Vascular internal cylindrical flexible stent sensor at the motor cortex can capture moving neural instructions and send to arms/legs that have with thorax their own heart-lung circulation: TLH, Thorax-Lung-Heart; ALH-L/R, Arms-Lung-Heart Left-Right; LLH-L/R, Legs-Lung-Heart Left-Right, also detachable from Avatarbot.

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