Superblood increases quantity, quality performance of blood components to eliminate/cure virus, bacteria, cancer, toxin, trauma, aging, regenerating body and extending life forever. Blood and Skin cells can be cultured to create Superblood/Superskin that allow unlimited young interior blood, organ, tissue health, exterior skin appearance and Life extension.

Systemic Permanent Life Protocol supports/regenerates Systemic Life, cells with natural integration and regeneration systems, to Regenerate by Replicating-Repairing-Reforming-Replacing-Revoking cells, in-vivo and/or ex-vivo, with Skin/Nasal/Sub-lingual (patch/spray/pill) nano-micro-supplementation, than Blood-Lymph-Marrow fluids micro-mini supplementation (vascular/inter-cellular catheters) and as last resort macro-mega tissue/organ supplementation (mini-macro surgery/3D bio-printing/scaffolding).

Replicate (divide) cells with hormones/enzymes/mRNAs; Repair (fix) genome/chromatin/telomere with DNA sirtuins, enzymes (telomerase) and epigenome with OSK factors, Oct/Sox/Klf-4; Reform (change cell function) with local cell exosome/cytokine signaling/changing connective stromal cells to functional cells; if not effective Revoke (neutralize/destroy) with antibodies and immune cells; Replace (substitute) with vascular cells from general marrow/blood Stromal connective cells. Biologic regeneration is natural/unlimited, aging is evolutionary/circumstantial and reversible genetically, epigenetically and at cellular in/ex-vivo body levels.

Systemic Life Regeneration (SLR): Human Cells can be fixed (in-vivo mRNA/vDNA gene reprogramming to differentiated young cell:Oct4/Sox2/Klf4), replaced (ex-vivo mRNA/vDNA gene reprogramming to undifferentiated/differentiated stem/young cell, tissue, organ: Oct4/Sox2/Klf4 +cMyc for Stem ), destroyed (immune system), divided (DNA telomere extension with hormone/enzyme telomerase), stimulated (cytokine peptide outside cell signaling), nurtured/oxygenated (direct vascular glucose/oxygen and other nutrient supplementation to back healthy cell expansion) to maintain or progress Systemic, Cellular, Atomic, Genetic, Informatic Life levels in Permanent Life Paradigm and Protocol.

Individual DNA Human Cell banking can supplement all needs for regeneration, in addition to telomere regrowth regeneration for local cell division, with hormones, growth factors, enzymes, as telomerase, nutrition, oxygenation and new banked stem/specialized cells added to Superblood that can find or be found/guided to the matching tissue and organ.

Cells with membrane ion channel obstruction can be released into bloodstream to other tissues/organs if healthy or eliminated by immune blood cells or discarded via kidney if unhealthy. Cancer metastasis is a failure of this process to be fixed by Superblood when eliminating them on the spot or isolating them, as benign nodule, fails because tissue/organ immune cells couldn't identify/eliminate them.

Trehalose is a Life preservation/resurrection sugar that can be supplemented intravenous. Used by animals as the Tardigrade to resist dehydration and heat/cold of plus/minus 100 Celsius. TreT enzyme converts Glucose in Trehalose and Trehalase enzyme converts Trehalose to Glucose. The Tardigrade has this intra-circulation capacity, but Humans have only Trehalase in the digestive system. Trehalose protects cell carbohydrates, proteins, fatty acids, lipid membranes against damage/denaturation, maintaining liquid phases in absence/reduction of intra/inter cellular water or when water frozen, against anti-oxidation/oxidation stress and also helps induce autophagy/self-digestion of dysfunctional cells (cancer/senescent/old).

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (IPSCs) from multipotent blood/skin cells regressed to a pluripotent state can be used to develop/differentiate into different specialized cell lines from immortal stem cells as nervous, muscle, sexual, fat, bone, immune, epithelial/skin cells. Stem cells have grown telomeres, DNA cap for unlimited cell division.

Grown telomeres can also be induced in specialized cells by telomerase enzyme, induced by growth hormones, that were evolved to genetic program to fall after certain age, with advantage of avoiding cancer growth, but that can be contained by immune cell, antibody reinforcement and antigen training (in-vivo/vaccine, ex-vivo/Individual Universal Immunotherapy) in Superblood and Superlymph.

Cell lines are immersed in renewed culture media (carbohydrates, fats, proteins and salts) to induce proliferation supplemented with growth factors (proteins/steroids that regulate cellular processes). Once cell consumes sufficient amount, cell divides and population increases exponentially as they consume renewed media. Cells to build tissue organs are seeded to scaffolds (ex-vivo) or extra cellular matrix (in-vivo), molds to organize cells into larger structure as tissues and organs.

Ex-vivo mass production DNA specific Superblood bank: Red cells, White Cells, Platelets, Plasma, Nutrition, Antibodies, Vaccines, Antibiotics, Vitamins, Minerals, Electrolytes, Hormones, Enzymes and Proteins etc.

Superblood is Human/DNA specific, produced and stored by bio-cyber Neurobot Doctor-Donor with Artificial Bone Marrow bio-scaffold porous stem cell incubator, in Neurobot carbon bone-structure exoskeleton, similar but superior to Human bones, higher compressive/tensile permanent strength and higher unlimited production bone-marrow ex/in-vivo stem cell fed/seeded.

Superblood contains ex/in-vivo cultured Red cells, White Cells, Platelets, Plasma, Nutrition, Antibodies, Vaccines, Antibiotics, Vitamins, Minerals, Electrolytes, Hormones, Enzymes, Proteins, plus alternative extra-capillary inter-cellular micro/nano oxygen, nutrition, enzyme, RNA carriers, internalized/externalized through closest capillaries, skin or Superskin.

Superblood is a product for Individual Universal Immunotherapy service that concentrates, multiplies, antigen trains immune cells, centrifuge extracted from patient blood and/or produced by new supplemental immune cells from stem cells cultivated ex/in-vivo in Neurobot exoskeleton Artificial Bone Marrow, stored in Neurobot Superblood Doctor-Donor to originating DNA specific Human. Biocyber Neurobot Artificial Bone-Marrow and Thymus-Spleen produces/trains immune cells/antibodies for Superblood/lymph, DNA specific Individual Universal Immunotherapy mini-system cell and antibody bank donor.

Cells/tissues/organs, destroyed by cancer, virus, bacteria, toxin, trauma, senescence, competed against these for nutritional resources and space. Centrifuged blood, bone marrow syringe extraction can separate healthy immune cells, remove unhealthy cells and accelerate ex-vivo antigen identification/loading of immune cells. It can also accelerate blood/mesenchymal stem cell conversion/cultivation to immune/tissue cells to then re-inject intra-vascular to fight pathogens in-vivo, accelerate regeneration by stem cells and local cell division stimulation, including extension of cell telomeres with natural or supplemented growth hormone/telomerase enzyme.

Addition/subtraction of growth hormones/enzymes can accelerate or slow down healthy/unhealthy cell growth, but it is the immune system and its supplementation that can tip the scale in favor of healthy cells in the competition for resources and space, leading to regeneration, healthy cells, tissues, organs, that must be in-vivo regenerated and not replaced by inefficient/high rejection harvested organs with different DNAs from abandoned Lives (aka “dead”), that should not be abandoned in the first place, but applied Permanent Live Protocol, including Individual Universal Immunotherapy, including Superblood supplementation.

VASOTRON, is a vascular cyber-photo-electric network, supplemental to bio neurological network, including electric-photonic e-lines/e-stencers (vascular catheter stretch cylinder), E-STEN, capable of receiving, transmitting signals to close neurons, interactions with cells, muscles (contracting), other tissues, organs. Vasotron E-stencer Scaffold can also repair neural network serving as scaffold for stem cell neurons that need electric activity to guide/stimulate repair, as for tetra or paraplegic with spinal cord injuries at neck or lower back levels. Vasotron E-stencer Pulser can work as mini-hearts pumping blood or as full pulsating vascular network. Vasotron can also guide mini/micro/nano bots and catheters to specific tissues/organs and control body temperature/oxygen consumption and protect cells.

SUPERLYMPH, is a blood and/or lymphatic system quantitative or qualitative (antigen loaded, in/ex vivo trained by vaccination or Individual Universal Immunotherapy) supplementation of antibodies and white immune cells as Macrophages, Microglias, Neutrophils, T-cells, B-cells and D-cells etc.

Gblood, Gravity supplementation blood, consists in adding an inert (harmless), reversible (as via enzyme), retractable (as a nanobot) heavy molecule (as a trehalose sugar/mineral combo) to blood/water/circulatory liquid to increase cell, vascular, inter-cellular, tissue, organ body weight to counter the lack of gravity in space, satellite or planets with lower gravity than Earth, also to protect cells/body against radiation, dehydration and over/under heat.

When cell membrane channels are covered because of inter-cellular obstruction or space pressure limitation, cell can cease to function, as in sodium/potassium ion exchanges, and so one of the defenses of body is to release the cell into bloodstream to be recycled to other tissues/organs if healthy or to be discarded via kidney/urine if dysfunctional as in cancer. Another defense from cell channel membrane dysfunction would be to eliminate or isolate it to prevent growth. Cancer metastasis, cancer cell leaving an area and joining another, implies a failure of the 3 defense systems to eliminate/isolate it on the spot or to discard it in bloodstream/urine.

Superblood can filter/clean blood from dysfunctional cells, add functional tissue/organ cells, trained antibodies and immune cells ex-vivo, outside body, reintroduce them in-vivo, into body, allowing cancer cells to be eliminated and replaced by healthy cells. If new healthy cells are fed into blood stream from outside body culture, the body mistake of taking unidentified cancer cells as healthy into tissue/organ will decrease and new trained antibodies immune cells will flag cancer cells and avoid incorporation to other tissue destroying them on bloodstream or escorting them out via kidney/urine.

Red/White/Stromal Cells, Platelets, Plasma, Antibodies, Vaccines, Antibiotics, Vitamins, Minerals, Electrolytes, Hormones, Enzymes, Amino Acids, Proteins, Glucose, Lipids, Nanolipid mRNAs, DNA Vectors, Trehalose,
Dysfunctional Cell Removal+Tissue/Organ/Stem Cell Addition.
Individual Universal
Systemic Life Regeneration
Global Medical System
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