Global Mobile Medical System

SuperCell/NanoLab is a nano evolution of Module/MacroLab, Exosuit/MiniLab, SuperSkin/Microlab and Natural Biological Cell, consisting of super bio-nanobots and/or genetic engineered stem cells, forming tissues/limbs/organs, capable of performing/improving all the functions of Macro/Mini/Microlab-BioCell and potentially of all human biological cells/tissues/organs.

Natural evolution is the result of environment circumstances and competition with other species, not necessarily the lowest cost and highest performance technology possible. SuperCells could for example get energy directly from the sun or any other direct external source. SuperCells could be the primary component of a super skin, substituting, complementing or upgrading the natural skin.

SuperCells can be a replacement, alternative or supplement to regeneration stimulus of natural cells and/or bio DNA identical stem cells. SuperCells could eliminate cancer cells, virus and/or bacteria and replace damages structurally and functionally at a lower cost and higher performance level.

Supercells can be used with or without current cells or new stem cells to build tissues, limbs and/or organs, directly at the body or out of the body for later attachment or insertion. Supercells can have superior or new cell characteristics as strength, flexibility, sensitivity, connectivity, and even audiovisual capacity.

Supercells can be genetically engineered from embryo/stem cells to, for example, convert glucose to trehalose, with a glucase enzyme produced by an RNA instruction, from DNA code copied from the Tardigrade, the most resistant animal known, capable of enduring +/- 100 Celsius, dehydration or cryofreezing, to protect cells with a rubber consistency to cell membranes.

After danger/threat/induced hibernation, trehalase, already human produced in intestine cells, can convert back trehalose to glucose. Macro/Micro lab can inject trehalose/trehalase into circulatory fluid to protect cells in case of regression to Atomic Life following the Permanent Life Protocol in case of general hemorrhage, cancer or bacterial/viral infection, stopping vascular circulation and mandating addition of porous circulation by the way of cryofreezing/dehydration.

Individual Universal Immunotherapy can accelerate immune response to trauma, concentrating platelet at hemorrhage and aging, raising telomerase enzyme for healthy cell regrowth and/or using messenger RNA to express reprogramming factors. Enhancement of speed, strength, area coverage and immune functionality of platelets via a SuperCell and/or NanoBot is crucial to eliminate possibility of general hemorrhage or infection. This would be the main reason for the need to hibernation regression of Systemic/Cellular Life to deactivated cell Atomic/Molecular Life and the need for porous circulation in Permanent Life Protocol. Just like new oil to a motor, new/filtered/supplemented/enhanced healthier blood (cells, molecules and plasma) can have an enhancing performance effect in the whole body system.
Nano Super Cell 4.0
Nano Lab 4.0