Superbrain heals/expands/improves human brain bio-hardware/software, interacting with digital cyber-hardware/software/networks (internet/intranets) and analog hybrid biocyber systems. Bio Humans, cyber-digital Avatarbots self/remote controlled Human Artificial Intelligence or bio-cyber-analog Neurobots self-controlled Creative Artificial Intelligence can form intra/inter Superbrain networks.

Neurotron, Neurochip, Neurocomp, Neurobot biocyber bio-analogic computer hardware, bio-neural networks software/hardware replicate Human brain continuous flow of input/processing/output learning/creating, as opposed to discrete/timed programmed digital computers. Neural bio-cyber systems developed ex-vivo, interacting neurons with external electrode stimulus, can than be transplanted in-vivo or be attached as ex-vivo accessory memory processing (as RAM, Random Access Memory and/or hardrive memory). Neurons grown in 3D scaffold electric conducting/flexible material.

Neural Networks have multi-variables with changing weights, real time uncertainty for 95% Human accuracy, while digital networks are pre-programmed with specific variables inputs/outputs, with accuracy determined by predicted to reality similarity, with no on going, real time correction, with program corrected for future improvement.

Analog computers are devices with continuously variable physical quantities (electric, fluid, mechanical) represented analogous to corresponding quantities in problems/needs to be solved or goals to be achieved creatively. Analog system has initial conditions set-up then changes freely. Digital computer are devices solving problems by processing information in discrete form, expressed in binary code, using two digits 0 and 1 (plus 0+1 in Qbit computers), count, compare, manipulate digits or combinations according to program instructions in memory.

Bio, bio-cyber analog computer can learn/create without being previously programmed, starting with basic programmed algorithms or flux variables, receiving, analyzing input data/flow, predicting output within acceptable range, 95% human target, with feedback to improve next decisions, learning with supervised, semi-supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement processes. Neural networks bio, bio-cyber computing systems with interconnected nodes recognize patterns/correlations in input data/problem/goal/need, gather/separate, cluster/classify, learn/improve and develop/create/output.

Neurochips made of cultured DNA specific Neurons or SuperCell Super Neurons (genetic and/or chemical/biological infused improved cells) electrode stimulated to become fully active/efficient to be introduced in/ex-vivo to new or existing bio and/or bio-cyber neural network Superbrain. Neurobot dual paradigm Superbrain can donate/support with one to original DNA specific donor.

Organs/tissues regenerated by cell mitosis division, lower regeneration capacity with genetic hormonal decline, including telomerase decline leading to reduction of telomere DNA cap increasing cell dysfunction senescent/cancer cells, also decline in immune cells.They can receive general growth stimulation from hormones, enzymes, proteins as telomerase to increase DNA cap telomeres and avoid development of dysfunctional cells as senescent/cancer cells. But non-telomere dysfunction cancer as genetic/environmental/substance abuse cancer occurs, this supplementation can accelerate cancer cell growth as well, requiring immune supplementation to block it and healthy cell supplementation or regeneration to compete for nutrition and space with cancer cells.

Organs/tissues that are less/slow regenerative as Heart/Brain cells, because of their particular function, can also be induced to self-regeneration process to repair themselves using mRNA/microRNA (transcription factors/stem cell messenger exosomes to return the cells to a stem-cell-like state), contained in lipid membranes as they occur in nature inside micro lipid cell membranes. High risk/high cost organ transplant can generate rejection because of DNA difference detected by immune system or immune vulnerability if using anti-immunity agents. Introducing external tissue/cells/stem cells that may generate uneven masses/tumors/teratomas, tissue/organ growth dysfunction as left ventricular valve can happen with excessive, uncoordinated late general hormone decline supplementation.
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