Traditional medical paradigm of disease and death must be replaced by the Permanent Life Paradigm that sustains, regresses, regenerates and progresses life across five dimensions: Systemic, Cellular, Atomic, Genetic and Informatic. The ideal is to preserve Systemic Life with a permanent Universal Immunological Supplement Defense System that supports/perfects the natural evolving immune system. This Defense System against cancer, aging (including eliminating dysfunctional/old/senescent cells) and any viral/bacterial infection already exists theoretically and must be implemented immediately.

The most important is that patients can retrieve blood and other fluids for preventive testing, to harvest stem and immune cells, to be replicated and cryopreserved in a bank for immediate economic use, when needed, as adding antigen and nuclear transfers, to eliminate any viral/bacterial infection, cancer or injury to cells and tissues.

The obsolete/inefficient/illegal/unconstitutional patent/monopoly system favors the development of specialized, symptomatic, palliative drugs and clinical trials that maximize short-term profits but minimize health results and long term profits. Clinical trials must focus on multi component technology systems that maximize sustainable health results and development of low cost self-immunity. Using system components simultaneously, to obtain 75% to 95% positive results in clinical trials, will usually result in regulated/controlled lower prices and the need for higher investment, mass production with lower profit margins, lower short term profits, but higher long term profits. This is in the interest of patients/society and long term investors/managers but not necessarily in the short term interest of short term technocratic management/investors. These usually prefer targeting 20% to 40% positive results in clinical trials of specialized drugs to maintain unregulated/uncontrolled high pricing monopoly and low investments/production with higher short term profitability, without total cure.

A patent supposedly gives a right to monopoly, but not to monopoly abuse, which is damaging to consumers/society and goes against anti-trust laws. Monopoly leads to probable abuse and reversing it is difficult, since regulators and judges are appointed by the executive/legislative members that receive all kinds of bribes/advantages (contributions/remunerations) from trusts (monopolies/oligopolies/cartels). These monopolies can be ignored by pro-health economic/political groups acting in self-defense of themselves and of humanity, or easily replaced by alternative or more advanced technologies.

The human immune system has systemic multi variables that require systemic simultaneous supplementation to eliminate cancers, virus, bacterias and any damaging substance or organism:

1-INDUCERS: preventive vaccines, benign dysfunctional pieces of unhealthy cells/micro-organisms, alert and induce the immune cell system to prepare to attack functional malignant full cell/micro-organisms as bacterias, viruses, cancer and dysfunctional/senescent (old) cells. Preventive vaccines can overload the immune system and require supplementation of therapeudic vaccines.

2-SUPPLEMENTS: immune cell supplementation (therapeudic vaccines) from blood/lymph harvesting, endo/exo in vivo/vitro cultivation, stem cell derivation and/or bio-cybernetic super cell creation, improves defense and helps regeneration; also nutritional supplementation as glucose, proteins, oxygenation and hormones/enzymes (increase/decrease telomerase supplement, increasing DNA telomeres, for example for specific tissues or cell clusters, increases healthy cell growth and decreases unhealthy cells as cancers). Hormone/Telomerase supplementation must always be combined with physical/nutritional/immunological supplementation to avoid/reduce side effects (acceleration of genetic/environment cancers or anomalous ventricular heart valve regrowth, that can also be corrected by micro/nano surgery).

3-ATTACKERS: biochemical combos attacking different stages of development of cancer, dysfunctional/senescent cells, bacteria and virus, as cell interstitial pre-entry, membrane entry, RNA replication, nucleus DNA entry, cell pre-exit, membrane exit and post-exit intercellular. This can reduce selection evolution and mutation survival of unhealthy cells/organisms. Attacking must also be combined with other defense system components to avoid the development of super bacterias, viruses and cancers.

4-MARKERS: unhealthy cell/organism membrane markers, as biochemical natural marker (enzymes/proteases/caspases signaling celular death/dysfunction) and/or artificial metal-biochemical markers; complemented by energy-matter quantum wave membrane destruction or nanobots/nanogels elimination/absorption, while healthy cell/organism membranes resist, survive and grow. Elimination of cell immune checkpoint inhibitors can help mark cancer or dysfunctional cells but can also help mark still healthy cells.

5-WAVERS: unhealthy substance clusters/clumps, cell/organism membranes, marked or not, can be destroyed by energy-matter quantum waves, as molecular (sonic/ultrasound), electric (electrodes), photonic (lasers/eletromagnets) and/or innovative gravitonic beams (gasers derived from laser/fiber optic solenoids/toroids).

6-COMPETITORS: benign viruses, bacterias, cells, chemicals and substances can compete against similar malignant organisms/substances for resources, weakening the malignant version or as “trojan horses”, absorbed/fused to the malignant version, leading to their destruction.

7-REGENERATORS: hormones that induce cell replication enzymes or the enzymes themselves, as telomerase, that induces the growth of telomeres, DNA ending caps. That allows continuous cell replication, reduction of cell division errors and reduction of cancers derived from this cause. However it can stimulate healthy and unhealthy cell replication, including cancerous cells derived from other genetic defects and external environment and substance causes. This must be stopped by other complementary defense system components. Mass production of bio-cybernetic Super Cells, compatible with the immune system, can also replace or supplement natural cells.

8-REMOVERS: nanogels and/or nanobots can absorb/remove venoms, viruses, bacterias, cancers, identified by some marker/property that will lead to attachment, absorbing and removing.

9-FILTRATORS: blood and lymph filtration may remove cancers, toxins, bacterias, viruses, dysfunctional/old/senescent cells, add immunological and nutritional supplementation as glucose, enzymes, hormones, proteins and oxygenation.

10-CIRCULATORS: full or segmented vascular blood/lymph circulation must be sustained artificially with pressure/gravitational system for nutrition, oxygenation, filtration and immune supplementation. In case of general infection/cancer/hemorrhage that obstructs partial/full vascular circulation, interstitial/intercellular porous circulation can be achieved with trehalose cryopreservative flash/dry freezing, followed by partial vacuum dehydration of the intercellular space. The opening of interstitial/intercellular pours will allow porous circulation from pressure difference between high and low pressure chambers, with body as a filtering porous sponge in between.
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