Life Fluid Incubator
Pro-Choice-for-Life position does not criminalize abortion (or drugs, prostitution, suicide attempt) but seeks to bring it to ZERO with birth control, economic support, adoption and optional gestation with dry incubators and development of LIFE FLUID INCUBATORS for fetus and eventually for embryos.

E-Growth of Cells/Embryos/Fetus/Humans, Plants/Animals/Cells grow faster by electric stimulation based on empirical evidence. Theoretical biological process probably involves stimulus to faster absorption of nutrients/bio-chemicals, providing energy directly to cellular metabolism, substituting and/or complementing bio-chemical energy via cell mitochondria nutrition and digestive system.

Acar/Ocar/Olife cube-sphere with ICU Intensive Care Unit, compacted/advanced into PLM Permanent Life Module, CBM Cell Bank Medculture, IUI Individual Universal Immunotherapy, Life Fluid Incubator, compacted/advanced into Abot Avatarbot, dependent cyber digital medical assistant and Nbot Neurobot independent bio-cyber analogic doctor-bot with dual-structure/organs supporting life of cell-donor.

Dry incubator 5-9 month fetus improved by Fluid Incubator 3-9 month, replicating natural womb, evolving to holding embryo and to Neurobot human size mobile fluid incubator, fully replicating human gestation.
Safer/painless labor/birth or embryo/fetus transfer to Life Fluid Incuba tor using contracting extraction tube inside expansion fluid tube, keeping fluid pressure. Umbilical cord internal tube re-connection to external Artificial/natural placenta (depressurizing mother/fetus blood exchanger) and maternal blood reservoir with oxygenation, nutrition, immunization and filtration supplementation.

Zero abortions can be achieved with Birth Control, Universal Capital Income, Global Medical Dividend, Parenting Economic Empowerment, Pre-Adoption/Fostering System, late transfer to Dry Incubators, Early transfer to new Fluid Incubators; Gestation Clinics; Incubator University Incubating/Coordinating System: educated, supported, invested Humans can generate on average +US$50,000 year income; +US$1,000,000 assets.

Life Fluid Incubator is the Reproduction/Cloning/Gestation/Labor of Embryos/Fetuses/Babies Module of the Permanent Life Module that can preserve Embryonic/Fetal Life or Adult Genetic/Informatic Life. It can also equip Hospitals, Clinics of Reproduction and Gestation to replace abortion practice and clinics. Also can include video-robotic extraction device and for cryo freezing storage, to remove embryo from unwanting/at risk mother, for preservation, potential re-implantation for natural development or in artificial Fluid Incubator. A wanted or unwanted embryo/fetus could be removed from natural mother or placed directly into a Life Fluid Incubator for full development.

Currently, dry incubators can receive wanted/unwanted fetus, transferred from the mother/fetus at risk or from unwanting mother, after between 5-8 month of gestation, but with development risks to the fetus, specially between 5-6 months. A Fluid Incubator, replicating the mother's womb environment with amniotic fluid, is more effective in terms of healthy fetus formation and could bring that time frame bellow 5 months. The full development of a semi-cloned (2 parent gamete DNAs) or cloned (1 parent DNA) embryo is also possible and may fully replace the natural gestation process, specially when there may be health and/or productivity risks for the mother. Also can eliminate completely the abortion of unwanted embryo/fetus that could be also cryo frozen, while the technology is not yet completely available, or a time specification development is desired for the embryo.

Abortion destroys Cellular Lives (embryos) and should be replaced with embryonic or fetal transfer to another gestation-mother, incubator (dry/air or wet/liquid) or when not yet technologically possible to cryonic preservation with cryo preservatives for future transfer. The legal prohibition of abortion is not efficient because it is not operationally possible for the government or society to control voluntary actions of individuals over their own body in the privacy of a residential or commercial unit (in addition to the life-threatening risk to clandestine abortion actions especially without appropriate medical expertise). Incubators with aminiotic fluid, lung-heart-kidney machines (oxygenate, nourish, supplement and filter the blood of the fetus) could reduce unwanted pregnancies from an involuntary mother to less than five months. Abortion clinics could be replaced by gestation clinics and/or transfer to incubators.

Society and governments, in the interest of preservation of life and protection of minors, should not require or enforce parental responsibility with laws and criminal or civil (payments) process, as they encourage abortions, instead of encouraging gestation for later adoption or government guard in a boarding educational institution, preferably an University. On the impossibility of voluntary gestation, as a last resort should then opt for embryo/fetal transfer (gestation-mother/incubator) when technologically possible or cryonic Atomic Life preservation for future reactivation, avoiding the abortive destruction of Cellular Life or Systemic Life. Additionally there must be development and improvement of use, multiuse, efficiency and complementary alternatives of birth control methods to eliminate the abortion practice.

Preservation (or transfer when technologically possible) of embryonic Cellular Life or fetal/child/adult Systemic Life does not generate economic deficit (expense), on the contrary generates surplus (investment) because when economically activated can generate on average higher revenues than the cost of their preservation. The destruction of Cellular or Systemic Lives generate significant economic and psychological damage to society. The transfer and regression of Cellular Life to Atomic Life (cryonic freezing), as protective measure against its possible destruction, is valid and effective as last voluntary alternative to abortion (embryonic/fetal destruction) after parental responsibility transfer attempt (Systemic Life with full 8-9 months gestation), transfer to incubator (from 4-7 months of gestation) or embryo transfer to another mother (when technologically possible).
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Zero Abortion
Life Fluid Incubator
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Artificial/Natural Umbilical Cord and Maternal Blood
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